Hello Friends!...and Friends of Friends!

We hope that you had a happy time during the Christmas Season and that you enjoyed your New Year Celebration!

We would like to thank you SO much for your support in our first month and a half of operation in 2017.  Your donations and purchases of our 'Madame Pascaline' dollies through our DOLLIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE program are much appreciated and have made a significant contribution to the building of the Training Center in Koupéla!

We all have demands on our pocket books and so I would like to thank you personally for choosing to give to HELP BURKINA FASO CANADA.  Your funds are truly helping the underprivileged in Burkina Faso, especially in a year when the rains did not come through as hoped and the lack of food will be a reality in Burkina and in the other landlocked countries in Africa!

In the future, I will show you the progress of our project in Koupéla and keep you informed about our future projects.  I will also show you the beauty of Burkina Faso through my personal photographs taken in January 2017.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018,

Audrey Burm