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About Our Organization

May 29, 2019
On behalf of the Board of Directors at HBFC, I hope you are well and happy!
I want to give you a little update regarding our organization.  We formed last year, in 2018, after my first trip to Burkina Faso.  I accompanied my husband's uncle and cousin as a delegate for their organization based in the Netherlands.  We visited villages where the people, although living in poverty, were very welcoming and generous with the little they had in their possession.  The children were happy as you would expect any child to be.  They played with sticks and stones or old bicycle tires...and they joyously!
After visiting so many of these wonderful people, a common theme regarding their needs and desires emerged: a) to have enough water to drink,  b) to have enough food to eat,  c)to acquire education for their children...THAT'S IT!  The burkinabes love their country!  They are not asking Westerners to take them away from their land.  They are only asking for a little help to meet their basic needs within their own country of Burkina Faso, which is one of the poorest countries in the world.
We, at HBFC, are very dedicated to doing what we can for the common burkinabe.  We are a Canadian registered non-profit society and are waiting for our Registered Charity Status.  Last year we spent many months filling out a VERY EXTENSIVE application and submitted it to the Canada Revenue Agency.  We waited many more months for our application to be passed on to an officer at the agency.  We have recently been informed that we now have an agent processing our file...YAY! 
Charity Status for HBFC will mean that we will be able to issue tax receipts  to donors to use for income tax purposes.  Until now, we have been raising funds through Pie Sales, the sale of Fair Trade goods brought back from Burkina Faso, sales of wares made by generous and talented volunteers here at home, and donations from very kind 'willing and able' people with missionary hearts.
We are asking that you send all of your prayers and good thoughts our way!  Together, our positive vibes can only help with acquiring or Registered Charity Status.
Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time, treasure, or talent to help the people of Burkina Faso.   
Audrey Burm  (President)             
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