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Pousga School Kitchen

We are so excited to show you the completed kitchen for the Pousga School.  This is a simple structure where two volunteer women can cook lunch for the children.  The food and the ladies will be protected from the elements.  They can store their provisions in this secure kitchen.


A message from our representative, Roger Tougouma,

about the importance of a school kitchen.

Famines are common in Burkina Faso.  Most are living below the poverty line.  Families are struggling to ensure sufficient food for their children.  

Too often, because of the lack of means, parents cannot prepare meals for their children when they go to school in the morning.  When there is no school canteen, most children spend their day in class without eating anything.  More serious, many of them must even wait to take their meals since the day before!

In such a context of food insecurity, the school canteen is extremely important.  The school canteen makes it possibile to improve the quality of education considerably.  A mid-day meal is a key element that promotes attendance and allows a good concentration.

The presence of a kitchen is necssary to ensure hygiene and food safety.

The previous kitchen
Pousga Students Running to their New School Kitchen
Pousga Students Recieving Lunch at  their New School Kitchen
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