This is the school in Pousga. 





Well, it's not really a school, it's a shed that belongs to the chief of the village.  True, this structure at least keeps the sun off the children's heads but, it does not protect them from wind and rain in the rainy season, sooo...no school on those days!

We often see photos like this coming out of Africa.  We come to expect that it's just the way they live, but do we stop to ask if we would accept this environment for our children? 

The Burkinabé, even the children, are resilient people, but wouldn't it be great to up the standards even just a little bit?

HBFC is raising funds to build a school for these children!

I recently traveled to Burkina Faso to visit our projects and spend time with the people.  One of my visits was to the school of Pousga.
The children are walking me to their school.
The school
Playing with the ball that the grade 5 class at Cloverdale Catholic School gave the children.
The lovely teachers