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Pousga School Supplies, Soccer Shirts and Chairs

The students of CLOVERDALE CATHOLIC SCHOOL participated in various activities during Missions Week.      They made and sold rosary bracelets and they stacked toonies for the tallest tower, among other activities.  At the end of the week, the total funds raised was $2,200!   This act of 'KIDS HELPING KIDS' just warms the heart!

The CCS students wanted their funds to directly impact the children at the Pousga School.  With the funds raised, school supplies were purchased for ALL the Pousga students for the next academic year!  Soccer uniforms were also purchased as part of the physical education program.  Chairs for the classrooms were purchased with the remainder of the funds.

Thank you so much to all of these great and giving CCS students, and to their teachers and parents, for their efforts and donations to the children of the Pousga School!   

The store where the school supplies and chairs were purchased.
Special Delivery!
The gift of knowledge.
New Soccer Uniforms
It's nice to see the children receive there supplies right in fron of their new school!
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