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Seguem is a little village south-east of the capitol of Burkinga Faso, Ouagadougou.  Our founder visited this village in January 2017.  The people were so welcoming.  They were so proud to show us their farm that sustains their village.  Recently, a very strong wind came through the area and destroyed that roof on the livestock barn.  Now, we may not think that is a big deal but,  when you consider that the sustainability of the village depends on (for a large part) the welfare of their animals, it really is ...a big deal.

The people of Seguem asked HBFC if we would consider repairing the roof.  We are proud to announce that, with your support (especially through our recent Pie Fundraiser and the Dollies to Make a Difference Program), we were able to say 'YES' to the people of Seguem and fix the roof.  

You made this happen and we cannot thank you enough!

A wonderful reception from the people of Seguem
Proudly demonstrating the threshing machine
Visiting with the people from the village
Speaking with Joseph  about the roof.
Before the repairs
After the repairs
Destroyed Stable Roof 1.jpg
Finished Roof 1.jpg
Happy Animals
Seguem Animals.jpg
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