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To help the people of Burkina Faso has been a desire for the Burm family for many years beginning with the work of Father willy Burm, June 2, 1936 - January 14, 2013, of the WHITE FATHERS MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA.  In 1985, Les Burm, with his dad Frank Burm, visited Father willy and the people of Burkina Faso.
In 1995, Sjef Theunissen and his wife, Els Burm, travelled to Burkina Faso and saw the difficulties faced by the Burkinabè.  He then founded HELP BURKINA STICHTING in the Netherlands.  Since then his foundation has built schools and hospitals, drilled wells and provided sponsorship for the orphaned children.
In 2017, Audrey Burm accompanied Sjef to Burkina Faso and was also affected by seeing the conditions by which the Burkinabè people exist.  She, together with her husband and like-minded friends, formed
It is the wish of HBFC to carry on this very important work of helping the people of Burkina Faso meet their basic daily needs.
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